Free Employability Guide For Student Careers Services

  Don't just wish young people luck with their first jobs - help load the dice!

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Free Employability Guide For Student Careers Services 

6 week Crowdfunder program 2 April – 13 May 2018 

Until 13 May 2018 I am running a Crowdfunder program to fund providing student careers services across the country with reference copies of Your First Job – my guide to making a success of the transition from education to employment and the early career years. 

The targets 

The first target is to raise £12,300 to deliver 2 free reference copies of Your First Job, together with awareness raising promotional material to each of the careers services of 736 Sixth Form and Further Education colleges. 

The stretch target is to raise a total of £15,200 which enables the program to be extended to cover 174 University and degree awarding institutions. 

The idea 

I wrote Your First Job as a guide for struggling first time employees on how to cope with moving from education to employment, how to find their feet and deal with the different stresses and pressures this involves, and how to become a confident, effective and valued employee as quickly as possible. 

It has received good reader reviews – see HERE – but to really be effective it needs to be available as a free careers resource available for students about to take that step. 

With your support I aim to make that possible for every student in the country. 

The plan 

Keeping it simple the plan is to:  

1 - Raise at least £12,300 (and preferably £15,200) 

2 - Despatch reference copies to schools and universities career departments! 

The budgeted cost per despatch is just under £17 including books at wholesale price, 500 awareness leaflets to promote the resource to students, post, packaging and the Crowdfunder site fees, so I will simply work through my target list of institutions as the money raised allows. 

With your donations we can make this happen – and don’t forget the rewards program below. 

Why am I doing this? 

I passionately believe that making a success of the transition from education to employment and your early years at work is crucial for establishing a fulfilling long term career. 

I want to do all I can to help young people deal with what can be a big and frightening change and to get off on the right foot. 

And I’m hoping you do to - so please pledge today on Crowdfunder.


I will be running a rewards program as part of this fundraising and the current proposed rewards (any other ideas gratefully received) are:      

Pledge £50

I’ll send you a free signed copy of Your First Job.

Pledge £170

Sponsors the despatch to ten specific schools or colleges in your name (and I’ll send you a free signed copy of Your First Job). Obviously this has to be on a first come, first served basis, so if you want to ensure you are the one who sponsors sending copies to your old school, or your children’s schools, then hurry to get your name down.

Pledge £500

I’ll come to speak to any audience you want me to present to.

Pledge £2,500

Sponsors all the promotional fliers (potentially up to 455k to be sent out) with your logo and message.

You can make a difference - pledge HERE today.

Thank you.