Mark's Workbooks

Mark Blayney has produced a number of workbooks to help with basic time management. Follow the links to obtain these via Amazon.

Work projects? School projects? 

Manage anything better with My Time and Project Manager, your 13 week time, action planning and project management recording workbook. 

This workbook will help you to manage your time and your projects more effectively and efficiently, while also recording your progress and tracking all the actions and people requiring follow up. It includes: 

• Project Plan pages enabling you to plot the key work streams of 6 main projects over the 13 week period covered by this workbook. 

• Daily Worksheets providing a daily time planner, notes, key facts identified and contacts, expenses memo and a Daily Action Manager. 

The Daily Action Manager provides you with a structured approach to day to day management and progressing of actions and contacts to complete the projects, as well as providing a written record of progress. 

Time management for managers is always a problem. This simple stress buster approach gives you a practical approach to day to day prioritising and progress chasing giving you valuable time management tools and project management step by step and providing effective stress relief.  

Your telephone call recording and follow up management workbook. 

If your organisation does not already have a process or procedure for recording or managing calls, such as a CRM (customer relationship management) database, this workbook is designed to help you record and manage your calls. 

Each page allows you to record the date and key details of 5 calls and then manage your follow up actions: 

• The caller’s name, 

• Their company, 

• Their contact number, 

• The time of the call, and 

• The actions arising.